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The Harmonious Human Project

The Harmonious Human Project is a human rights training and well-being programme that delivers workshop sessions in schools, colleges, charities and businesses across England.

Workshops sessions promulgate the idea that human rights, community well-being and individual wellness work together holistically. Human rights’ systems help structure well communities, with these well communities the foundation that supports the development of well individuals. If we equip these individuals with human rights knowledge, as well as the necessary tools and information to maintain and sustain their wellness, then this also has a positive impact on the community. This is because they not only become invested in their own wellness, but in continuing to uphold human rights as they are direct beneficiaries of the good it can do. We call this The Wellness Circle.

Creative Treaty recognises the 5 principles of wellness: physical, emotional, mental, environmental and social. Workshops are divided into two phases, with the first phase taking an educational look at basic human rights systems and their benefit to community. The second phase focuses on individual wellness and its positive impact on not just ourselves, but also our surroundings. We explore good nutrition, physical and mental well-being and emotional wellness.

Mediation services

Creative Treaty is proud of the great line of communication it has with the United Nations Office for the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR), a unique position we utilise to act as an intermediary between the OHCHR and the public.


The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is a United Nations agency that works to promote and protect the Human Rights that are guaranteed under international law and stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.


If you, your community or someone you know, has experienced a human rights abuse our mediation services will intervene to bring it to the attention of the OHCHR and give you better access to the instruments and mechanisms used by the agency to uphold and protect the human rights of each individual across the globe. We also offer assistance to members of the public who need to be referred to other agencies that have further insight and knowledge on human rights law.


Human right abuses can be committed by the government, agents of the government (like the police or council) and private organisations; alerting the United Nations to these injustices means that the intergovernmental body can begin an investigation, raise a report that is presented to the government in question and - in some cases, issue a warning. All of this work helps to prevent further abuses.


Creative Treaty has previously acted as an intermediary for a 15 year old victim - a victim of a human rights injustice that required serious medical help. We referred his case to the OHCHR, who dispatched a team of experts to investigate similar concerns in his home nation and issued a warning to their government.

Expert consultancy

The Creative Treaty team possesses a unique field of expertise in human rights, the charity sector, wellness and the creative industries - which means we are often to provide expert consultancy and bespoke guidance.

We have provided consultancy to businesses, charities and international governments, including supporting the Guyanese government with its delivery of the first human rights summit to take place in the country. We were expert speakers on a panel that focused on youth and human rights, we were also part of a round-table of experts who devised strategies to uphold cultural and social rights.