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Human rights workshops


The Harmonious Human Project is a human rights training and well-being programme that delivers workshop sessions in schools, colleges, charities and businesses across the UK.

Workshops sessions promulgate that human rights, community well-being and individual wellness work together holistically. We believe that human rights’ systems help structure healthy communities, with these healthy communities the foundation that nurture positive wellness in individuals.


Workshop sessions equip participants with human rights knowledge, as well as the necessary tools and information to maintain and sustain their wellness - which later leads to wider positive impact on the community.

Creative Treaty recognises the 5 principles of wellness: physical, emotional, mental, environmental and social. Workshops are divided into two phases, with the first phase taking an educational look at basic human rights systems and their benefit to community. The second phase focuses on individual wellness and its positive impact on not just ourselves, but also our surroundings - we explore good nutrition, physical and mental well-being and emotional wellness.

Our human rights handbook gives great insight into what participants can expect in a workshop.

Mediation Services


Mediation Services are a bespoke package of human rights and emotional wellness support we provide to victims of human rights injustices. Victims can make self referrals to us or be referred by an organisation. We then assess their circumstances by definition of international and municipal human rights law and make a decision on how we can best assist.


The way in which we advocate for service user depends on specific need. We have successfully lobbied for victims by raising human rights injustices to the United Nations via Special Procedures and urging governments to recognise the indivisible impact a single human rights injustice can have on the wider community.  We also communicate with local councils, courts, social services and other bodies and individuals, on behalf of service users. 


Service users are also provided with emotional wellness services from Creative Treaty, though we do sometimes refer service users to counselling and therapy services that may better meet their needs. 


Our Mediation Services exist to emphasise the detrimental effect infractions have on victim’s wellbeing. Human rights infractions like racist treatment, sex and gender based discrimination and a prejudicial justice system can have a traumatic effect on a victim’s self esteem, leaving them questioning their value. We aim to support and empower our Mediation Service users through advocacy and emotional support.

Wellness Packs


We are distributing Wellness Packs across the UK, in our bid to support community well-being and promote human rights awareness! 

Our packs contain: a Aldi grocery voucher, hand sanitiser, face mask, vitamin D supplement and our Human Rights Handbook ( a fun reference that outlines your human rights needs.)

We are able to provide these packs thanks to funding from The National Lottery Fund.

Digital Advice Platform

Want to better understand your human rights? Would you like tips on supporting your emotional and mental well-being? Or just need a listening ear?


For impartial advice and information on human rights and wellbeing, chat to us at 07495 727 303. Advisors on our line are professionals in human rights, social work and law.


We are available via call, WhatsApp and Zoom from 10am - 6pm, Monday to Friday.

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