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Learn more about our Mediation Services and the bespoke package of human rights and emotional wellness support we provide to victims of human rights injustices. Andreas, whose case study is below, is one of the many people we have supported via Mediation Services.

Our previous lobbying to the United Nations on behalf of human rights victims has resulted in the Special Rapporteur to Racism visiting the United Kingdom to investigate institutional racism in the country and our advocacy work has played an important role in drawing focus to injustices that are too often overlooked.


Andreas was referred to our services by one of our partner charities, Face Forward International, who have provided him with life changing surgeries and witnessed his tireless campaigning for tougher sentences against people who commit acid crime. 

Upon assessing Andreas's case we found that his human rights had been violated in various ways by the British justice system and the Prison and Probation Service. We spent hours with Andreas where we took a lengthy statement detailing the facts of his case and bringing words to his experiences. We then used this information to raise and submit a Special Procedure, an instrument used to alert the United Nations to a human rights infraction. Our aim was to get the UN to present our findings to the UK government and urge them to better support acid attack victims navigating the justice system. 

We also supported Andreas and his wife as they sought counselling to address the mental and emotional effects of not just the attack, but the colossal changes that came to their lives as a result of it. Our services were free and we met Andreas and his wife's counselling session costs. 

Andreas has this to say about Creative Treaty: 'Creative Treaty highlighted the importance of looking at my Human rights and how they have been effected by a weak sentence given by the UK justice system for a horrific crime. They helped me to better understand about our basic human rights and how they are equally important for both a victim and perpetrator of a crime. Along with this, Creative Treaty helped my wife and I with further mental health support.  Creative Treaty has played a beneficial role in my ongoing recovery and I am truly thankful for their ongoing help and support.' 


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