India-A Doris, Founder and Programmes Director

Our Founder has an illustrious career background including training as a teacher, developing Arts projects for young people, advisory work in the natural health and well-being industries and project management in a variety of charities where she delivered programmes that focused on poverty and institutionalised discrimination.

Delivering a nationwide peer mentoring project, for young people who wanted to 'break into' the creative industries, bought her to the attention of the United Nations where she was nominated for fellowship at the intergovernmental organisation. Being made a human rights fellow had a profound and personal impact on India, and she decided to utilise the enlightening experience to establish Creative Treaty.

India structures and delivers Creative Treaty's training programmes, as well as provides expert guidance as part of our mediation services. She brainstorm new ways the organisation can grow and engage communities with human rights mechanisms. 

In recognition of her achievements, India has also been honoured as one of the 100 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) under 40. With all this going on she still found the time (!) to state that for her, "human rights underscores humanity. It is that simple."

Louise Howarth, Chair of board

Louise is a Life Coach whose focus is on emotional fitness and awareness, supporting individuals and communities to build the foundation for a healthy mindset.

As well as over 10 years experience in the coprorate world, Louise also has a degree in International Politics which fuelled her interest in human rights. She feels that people are becoming more curious and open to understanding their emotions, the feelings behind their choices and compassionate exploration of what drives their behaviour.

Louise is passionate about helping people accept and love themselves exactly as they are today, so they can experience personal growth in a healthy way. She has stated that it is an honour to be part chair of Creative Treaty's board of trustees and wholeheartedly believes in its values and core mission of humanising human rights.

"At its core, human rights should mean that every human being experiences basic rights and freedoms. Unfortunately, this is still not presently the case and this further demonstrates why the work of Creative Treaty is so imperative."

Dalida Carew, Treasurer

Dalida is a 1st Assistant Account in the Film and TV industry, which suffers from a lot of biases.

She believes that we are: "thankfully, at a point where we question choices, we seek truth and challenge the stories and narratives on culture, identities, and religion. We crave more media representation, with detailed storylines rather tokenism."

Dalida is proud to be part of Creative Treaty's journey in re-educating individuals and communities on human rights. Stating the organisation gives individuals the necessary skills and knowledge to make simple long-lasting changes.

"Human rights are inclusivity. We all move, whether we choose to dance, walk, run or skip makes no difference. Therefore we are all human, who we choose to love, our colour of skin and who we pray to should make no difference."

Dr. Melissa Varswyk is a medical doctor, educator, human rights activist and philanthropist born in Georgetown, Guyana.


She holds a Doctor of Medicine Degree and is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Georgetown American University. The university's school of medicine is the designated American Heart Association certified training centre in Guyana.


In 2012 Dr. Varswyk founded ‘Guyanese Girls Unite’ - encouraging women to be at the forefront of healthy lifestyle promotion, STEM education and equality for all. She has also been awarded the UN OHCHR Human Rights Fellowship.


Dr. Varswyk is currently the chairperson for International Decade for People of African Descent Summit. She is committed to producing innovative and creative solutions for the transformative development of her country; which has been reflected in her selection for several local and international awards, most recently, prized with one of the '25 Influential Women Leaders Award'.

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Melissa Varswyk, Trustee