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New code offers organisations guide to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace 

New guidance designed to help organisations prioritise their people by creating an increasingly diverse and inclusive workplace culture,  has been published by the British Standards Institute. Code of practice (PAS 1948) has been sponsored by the All-In Diversity Project in response to organisations seeking guidance, with Creative Treaty one of the 16 organisations involved in the development of this PAS as members of the global Steering Group

PAS 1948 is designed as a practical, one-stop shop for organisations looking to develop and implement an effective diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) framework. Aimed at organisations in all sectors in any country, it applies to traditional offices and industrial environments, but also workplaces such as zoos, sports arenas, or film sets.

The standard is intended to help organisations implement a DEI framework that works for them. Areas covered include understanding and implementing concepts such as “diversity of thought”, “dimensions of diversity”, “intercultural competence” and “cognitive diversity”. It also covers practical measures, as well as information on how to engage and support underrepresented social and cultural groups.


Evidence suggests that diverse organisations can out-perform their peers, whilst research indicates a desire for diverse workplaces. A BCG study found that organisations with more diverse management teams saw 19% higher revenues, and another study by Intel found that 89% of respondents in China and 75% in the US felt an organisation’s DEI policies were “extremely” or “very” important when deciding where to work.

The standard was published as of June 2023 and is free to download:

Our contribution to the High Commissioner's 2022 report on transformative change for justice and racial equality

In April 2022, Creative Treaty made a contribution to the United Nations High Commissioner's report on 'promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms through transformative change for racial justice and equality'. This report was presented at the 51st session of the Human Rights Council (September 2022). 

Our contribution highlighted action we have taken to prevent racial injustice, including providing consultancy to Robyn D'Arcy, a Data Analyst, who is using her extensive expertise to collate pertinent information on the impact of sexual violence against survivors - including collecting data on survivors across demographics.


Robyn's data collation comes in the form of 'Volume to Voices', a global study focused on filling the significant data gap around survivors of sexual violence. Volume to Voices is predominantly a trauma-informed survey, designed by and for survivors, augmented with data from social media and Google search. 

Read our input to the report, and learn more about Volume to Voices, here and here

Or download a copy: 

Wellness In Covid: the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on physical, mental and emotional wellness 

Creative Treaty has launched 'Wellness In Covid' - a report on the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on physical, mental and emotional wellness. Over the course of nine weeks we collated data from 367 of our service users and members of the public to better understand how the spread of Covid-19, lockdown restrictions, Furlough and employment were impacting general wellbeing. 


We sent surveys, held conversations, and ran question and answer sessions with a range of people spanning diverse communities across the UK. Some of the issues we address in Wellness In Covid are how the pandemic has impacted disabled people and people with hidden conditions. We also make recommendations to charities and community groups, government bodies and members of the public. 


In doing the report we learnt that at least 25% of our service users are considered to be living in absolute poverty, so it has also provided us with an opportunity to learn how we can better support service users needs.

Review the report by downloading a copy:

Covid worry-100.jpg

Othered in the Diaspora: Recommendations to support the LGBTQ+ community

On 10th May 2019 Creative Treaty and the Implementation Team for the International Decade for People of African Descent in Spain attended the United Nations consultation for the Permanent Forum for People of African Descent. The one day consultation defined modalities, format and substantive and procedural aspects of a Permanent Forum that aims to realise the stated objectives of the International Decade for People of African Descent (IDPAD) - including promoting the recognition, justice and development theme of the Decade.

At the consultation, Creative Treaty and the Implementation Team for the IDPAD  in Spain presented the findings of a study that made recommendations for the Working Group for People of African descent, civil society organisations working on the rights of people of African descent, UN agencies and Member States to better support LGBTQ+ individuals from African/Afro ethnic groups. In order to formulate the recommendations both Creative Treaty and The Implementation Team for the IDPAD in Spain carried out a two month consultation, where we held question and answer sessions with individuals supported by LGBTQ+ organisations and structured a survey that focused on gender, sexuality and race based issues that commonly affect groups within the LGBTQ+ community. 

The objective of the consultation was to better understand the intersection between sexuality and gender with race, deciphering how this impacts LGBTQ+ individuals of African/Afro descent comparatively with other ethnic groups.

Review our results, conclusion and recommendations: 


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